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Live Mesh Tech Preview Requires UAC

About an hour ago I received an invitation from Microsoft Connect to try out Live Mesh. Having watched the preview videos on Channel 9, I was looking forward to this opportunity for some time, so I immediately downloaded and tried to install it.

About a second later I was greeted with the following: 
Live Mesh Installation Error

Apparently, Live Mesh client requires UAC to be switched on during installation and operation. This is due to a technical constraint imposed by the COM layer in Vista and should be fixed in the next beta release.

There is a post on the Live Mesh Blog that provides some more information.


How Google Search Really Works

Via Laughing Squid:

Update: It looks like the video has been pulled from the site.

I Am On Twitter

I was curious to see what all the buzz is about, so I’ve signed up.

You can “follow” me @

If you’re a developer, here are some people you might want to “follow”:

Windows Live SkyDrive. 5GB of storage. Free.




What The Hell Is Wrong With Microsoft Watch?!

I have just unsubscribed from the Microsoft Watch rss feed. Want to know why? Read these two articles and you’ll see:

Makes you wonder: “What the hell were those guys thinking when they were writing those articles?”. Was THAT supposed to be a review? Felt more like an amateur blog post.

Free .NET 3.0 eLearning courses

That’s right. For a limited time, you can download Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation courses from the Microsoft eLearning at no cost.

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