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Feels like Friday…

For the first time in my life I have worked full-time for four months (minus the 2.5-week holiday), so I got into this routine of work and play that is now embedded in my brain.

I had decided, about a week ago,  to take a day off tomorrow (22 Dec) to take care of some university stuff, which seems to have completely screwed my time orientation. I honestly thought today was Friday.

It is interesting to observe how repetition of tasks and events affects our thought process, or is it just me?


Stay off the shrooms kids… I’m off to light my bong and enjoy a nice, warm September evening in the back garden.


VS 2005 is full of surprises

Just found a new key combination in Visual Studio 2005.

[Ctrl] + [R] + [R] <—- Rename symbol.

It allows you to rename the currently selected symbol. This feature automatically locates the file containing the local source code that defines the symbol, renames the symbol and updates all references to that symbol.

Pretty cool, huh…

The fun stuff…

What do you do when you get back from home? Go through the mail? I turn my laptop on, fire up RSS Bandit and go through my rss feeds starting with these ones:

  1. Dilbert – feed
  2. Geek and Poke – feed
  3. bLaugh – The (un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere – feed
  4. Being Five – feed
  5. Cute Overload – feed

London’s SmoothFM Podcast

I’ve just subscribed (using ITunes) to a podcast created by the guys doing the David Prever’s Smooth Breakfast morning show on London’s SmoothFM featuring David himself, Nick The Geek and Rosie Kendrick. I’ts a compilation of the best moments of the show, and having listened to their podcast for the first time, I’d say it’s pretty damn good.

Here’s the link: Smooth Breakfast

My first post from Windows Live Writer

Hmmm… I’ve used this for five minutes and it hasn’t crashed yet. An interesting piece of software and supprisingly stable for a Beta release. I haven’t tried out all of the features yet, but this is likely to become my weapon of choice when it comes to writing new blog entries.

I’m back!

Hello again!

A lot of time has passed since my last post and now I feel like blogging again…

This particular blog isn’t aimed at discussing a specific technology or topic, but a lot of topics will be development-related (partly due to the fact that I am an ASP.NET developer, or at least trying to become one). Generally, I will try to bring in as much interesting information as I can.
Wish me luck…