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The min-height Hell

Is it really that hard to make standards compiant browser?

Am I asking for too much?


It took me 5 hours to create a workaround to IE’s min-height problem (the problem being that IE doesnt support min-height css attribute, whilst the “good” browsers (Firefox/Opera) do).

Microsoft seem to be able to invest millions of dollars and manhours into building a new generation of Windows, but they cant create a web browser that understands min-height, min-width! What up with that?!


Jay Schmelzer is giving us VB guys IDE tips

If your a VB guy take a look at this: Jay Schmelzer – Working on the VB Core Team.

I have been using VS2005 for some time and knew nothing of those features!!

Thanks Jay!

Outlook is dead slow today…

I have been using MS Outlook 2003 for almost two years now. It has never been so slo-o-o-o-o-ow.

Is my laptop causing this? Dont think so – its one of the fastest laptops I have seen (P4 3.4GHz w/HT, 1GB DDR, Radeon 9700 256MB).

My internet connection? Doubt it – I have 1MB broadband.

I like Outlook cause it allows me to synch my Notes/Tasks/Contacts with my new mobile phone (Nokia 6230i), but this “odd” behaviour and frequent crashes make me wonder whether I should continue using it…

I have a new job!!!

Woo-hoo!!! I’ve got a new job. I had an interview today with the director of ActiveIS (Sean O’Reagan) and the Dev Team Leader (Andy Macharg) which I think went relatively well.

Just a couple of hours later I have received an e-mail confirming the job offer!!!

Now I will finally be able to buy that MSDN subscription I wanted and pay for SQL hosting…