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OPML Validator Beta has been released

A useful tool for those who are working with OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language).

Here’s the link


The font team is blogging

This blog is definitely worth reading. Here’s the link – fontblog.

Keep up the good work guys!!!

.NET Framework 2.0 is finally released

You can downoload the latest x86, x64 and IA64 redistributables and SDK’s at the Microsoft Website.

14 facts about Bill Gates

Here’s the link.


13. His first programming job was in high school making a program that organizes an efficient schedule. He used it to sign up to classes that had the hottest girls and have easy fridays.


Go Bill!!!

SQL Server is playing Halloween tricks on me

I have three MS SQL database servers installed:

  1. MS SQL 2000
  2. MS SQL 2005
  3. MS SQL 2005 Express

None of them can be accessed from codebehind. =((

Just keep getting the “Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.” error.

If I can’t fix this by 15:00 – I will have to use MySQL…

Microsoft have rolled-out a new generation of Microsoft Certifications

“Consisting of three series and four credentials, the new generation of Microsoft certifications provides a simpler and more targeted framework for IT managers to validate core technical skills, professional skills, and architectural skills. It also provides professionals in the IT industry with a more relevant, flexible, and cost-effective way to showcase their skills.” Source:


Just when I was about start studying for MCAD…

Cider Demo

It’s 23.55 and I am downloading the Cider Demo. To me personally thats a very useful tool. I’m a good programmer (I think) and a fairly good DBA, but when it comes to design… well its a long story…

I’m also going to try to run SQL Express instead of the real thing. I dont like having to find these workarounds, but in the world of CTP’s it’s a necesity… =(((

Xbox 360 Demo on Channel 9

Just finished watching the Xbox 360 Demo on Channel9!!!

Great Stuff! I’m not really console person (the only console I had was a Sega Mega Drive 2), but this new Xbox look really good.

It’s all wireless, you can turn it on/off remotely via the controller or remote and it has a 20 gig detachable hard drive.

Another great day!!!

I have 4 days to put together a demo for my potential employer.

My progress so far:

1. Installed SQL Server 2005 CTP, but…….. it doesn’t work… (cant establish connection  to database from codebehind)

2. Installed WinFX Runtime + SDK + VS Extensions, but……..  XAMLPad doesn’t work (keeps crashing with an NullReference exception)

3. Tried to deploy an Avalon Smart Client application, but that keeps crashing as well. (Keeps throwing security exception in my face)


Isn’t life woderful?

I have posted to some of the forums and hopefully someone will help me find a solution….

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Day

A big-big THANK YOU to the organisers of the event!

It was great! I met a lot of new people, had many interesting conversations, got some freebies…. 🙂